This right picture gives a good shot of the GK-2a pickup on the PRS.

A picture of a majority of the rig at Houston's in March of 1998. Bottom left corner = DNL 2x10 cabinet with JBLs. Above it on the other side of the railing is the blue Anvil suitcase style case. On the rail is the southwest print blanket and black cloth. The rack system outlined in the first pictures. On top of the rack, the steel slide is on the left, the glass one on the right. A harmonica is between the slides along with packs of 9v Duracell batteries. Keyboard X frame stand is beneath racks. Far right, a close up picture of the Guild.

If so, contact Louie Warren
(540)439-1058 Home
(540)270-9708 Cell
or e-mail

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Sad history:

10.11.10 - No new leads and nothing else recovered to date. Yes, I'm still looking... and I probably always will.

04.07.10 - No new leads and nothing else recovered to date.

10.28.08 - No new leads and nothing else recovered to date.

12.04.07 - No new leads and nothing else recovered to date.

11.14.06 - No new leads and nothing else recovered to date.

08.14.05 - No new leads and nothing else recovered to date. Yeah, I know it's been quite a few years, but I still look for things every day. If you see anything, please contact me. Thanx!

03.30.03 - No new leads and nothing else recovered to date.

10.27.02 - No further leads... nothing else recovered to date.

12.22.01 - RECOVERED!!!!!!!
Thanx to my lovely wife Patricia Anne, her parents (my other parents) Phyllis and Carl, and Detective Pennington. It was a joyous reunion.

12/15/01 - I have switch ISPs, hopefully you have followed the link path to get here.

1/4/01 - To date, STILL nothing has been recovered.  No leads, nothing.  I will be updating this site with pictures of the stuff as I find them and get them scanned. In the meantime, if you see anything that resembles any of the stuff listed/pictured here, please call, e-mail me, or call Detective Pennington. Thanx.

10/24/00 - In the words of G. Gordon Liddy "Bravo Sierra!"
The ordeal with Nationwide is over... the court ruled in their favor, siting that I was indeed a business. Please... if you carry gear in your vehicles on the way to gigs or anything, be sure you have coverage on everything. Talk with your insurance company make sure you have sufficient coverage for all circumstances you normally have... otherwise you could be like me... S.O.L.


1988 Toyota 4X4 pickup - Virginia Tags: KQC-554;

VIN: JT4RN63A0J5034573

This picture happened to be the only one I could find. It is in the background of a picture of my son.

1. 1959/60 Fender Stratocaster - serial number 40696 RECOVERED! 12/22/01

Still missing (removed from the body or case):

2. 1996 Paul Reed Smith Standard - serial number: 6 28986

3. Guild FS46C thinline acoustic/electric; serial number not recorded

4. Large Blue Anvil Road case with casters

"Louie Warren" stenciled in white on top handle, Mesa/Boogie sticker on top

This picture is of an identical case I have. There were two and this one wasn't in the truck at the time of the theft.


Mesa Boogie DC-5 (Model: DC-5 1174#32) amplifier head - serial number: DC-001529. Stock. Wrapped in olive drab duffel bag and pink bath towel

5. Square Blue Anvil Road case

Mesa/Boogie, Carvin, Paul Reed Smith stickers. Contents:

6. Large Suitcase style Blue Anvil Road case (See the picture in the group photo above.)

Reverend guitar sticker on top. Contents:

7. SKB full size 4 space rack

8. SKB shallow 3 space rack

9. Blue Anvil briefcase

10. Black plastic suitcase style case

11. Brown plastic American Tourister briefcase

12. Black Time nylon duffel bag

13. Red Sears heavy duty hand truck

Louie Warren    Sumerduck, VA

Home: (540)439-1058                  es336td@earthlink.net

Or call The Fairfax County VA Police Department 703-691-2131  or Fax: (703)691-1881  
(Reference: Case number-98219000975)



Post your stolen gear on my forum!

A friend's drums, and another friend's CD collection were stolen on 3/29/2003...

A friend's guitar was stolen in 1969... I found it on eBay but it slipped through my hands...

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